singarajaSituated at the side of Quiet Street in Singaraja area, Northern Bali, Pura Beji is an ancient temple built to worship the Goddess of prosperity.

Singaraja 3Singaraja is a charming region on the Northern hemisphere of the island which contains variety of interesting sites and tourism destinations worth visiting as your alternative vacation spot in Bali. One of the magnificent remnants in this area is Pura Beji.

Singaraja 2As a sacred temple, Pura Beji existence could be traced back to the 15th century. It was built as a place to worship Sri, the Goddess of prosperity. Although rather small in size compared to other ‘Kahyangan Jagat’ temple around the island  of gods, but Pura Beji held a huge significant meaning for Balinese Hindu worshippers. Here, you can view the distinctive masterpiece of Buleleng carving style on its walls and temple decorations. Upon entering the temple, you will be greeted with two statues of foreign men playing musical instruments. This fact makes Pura Beji a great example of peaceful enculturation between Balinese local folk with foreigners and proves how the people of the island have been very open-minded and welcoming ever since the ancient era.



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