tips & trickJust because you’re pinching pennies doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun backpacking trip. nowadays, travelling never been easier with the aid of cheap fl ight ticket and one-click lodgings search engine. here we provide you some of useful tips to keep your backpacking trip on budget.

PACK TIGHT ‘Less is more’ is the essence of backpacking. Only pack what you wouldn’t mind replacing. Don’t brings too much valuable items and only bring a handful of clothes / pants with you. This could safe your budgets from paying airlines for overweight luggage or extra checked bags.

IN-HOUSE KITCHEN While backpacking, staying at fi ve-star resort is usually not an option. Check out one of the hundreds of backpacker-friendly hostels across your vacation area. Check to see if they have complimentary breakfast or, better yet, a communal kitchen stocked with basic utensils and cooking items.

WALK THE WAY Get the full experience of your backpacking trip by walking instead of taking cab to instantly arrive at places. Walking a little extra is good for your body, the environment and your wallet. If something is too far to walk, then take a bus or metro. Public transit costs less than $2 in many cities.

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