“As one of the newest additions in the island’s restaurant scene, Noosa presents itself as a dining venue that offers something deliciously different.”

noosaBoasting a classic interior design with utmost respect to Bali’s fine resort ambience, Noosa is a French dining restaurant situated on a private and calm location of Nusa Dua premise. The restaurant façade may not appear to be dramatically special but upon entering, you might find yourself in a very welcoming atmosphere, where a feeling of assured attention and service pervades. Noosa provides distinct cuisine creations that combine French Technique with the best of local ingredients. Start your delightful dinner with a portion of marinated salmon tartar and salad; seafood goodness consisting of fresh raw salmon and combination of tasty seasonings, served with green vegetables salad for a perfect appetite booster.

noosa 2Then for the main menu, a slab of grilled wagyu tenderloin beef with red wine sauce, roasted vegetables and caramelized passion sauce is a must-try for meat lovers and food enthusiast alike. Finish your session with a plate of mix nuts and dried fruits nougat ice cream, passion and mango sauce. At first it looked like a plain chocolate dome but before serving the waiter poured hot mango and passion sauce over it, melting it up in lake-like texture and creates a satisfying sight of ‘blooming’ chocolate flower; the taste is as magical as it look.

Jl. Toya Ning no. 9 Kedonganan, Jimbaran
Tel. +62 361 703 288

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