“Set on the side of main bypass Sunset Road, Hakata Ikkousha brings out the best of Japanese proverbial ‘ramen’ noodles with excellent taste and authentic presentation.”

hakataJapan is a wonderful country blessed with vibrant culture and delicious culinary treat and the country’s most recent ‘export’ of cuisine comes in form of ramen. Hakata Ikkousha is one of the best ramen-serving restaurants in Bali.

hakata 2There are arrays variety of ramen you can taste at Hakata Ikkousha, which taken their characteristic from Fukuoka-based Hakata ramen. It is known as the best tonkatsu (pork bone broth) ramen in Japan, and it is easily Fukuoka’s most famous food. Their pork ramen consists of mouthwatering slabs of pork meat on top of thick homemade ramen noodles filled with rich, oily broth which comes in generous portion. It is a lunch treat at its finest, perfectly enjoyed with a glass of cold or warm ocha tea.

hakata 3For a more ‘experimental’ way, you can try to order tsukemen—which basically separates ramen from the pork broth, and you can enjoy it by dipping the ramen to
broth by yourself. It is a quite enjoyable way to introduce contemporary perception of eating a soup-based noodle dish.

Jl. Bypass Sunset Road No.225X,
Kuta, Badung
Tel. +62 361 894 7019

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