If you happened to be in the midst of Denpasar city and looking for a pleasant place to dine in upscale ambience, Two Fat Monks Asian Bistro & Coffee could be the venue you’re looking for. Situated at Letda Tantular Street, just on the entrance to Renon from Sudirman, the restaurant offers just the right atmosphere to dine with style, and more. It offers a cozy industrial interior design, complete with elegant touch of huge glass windows panels, dominated by black and dark brown colors.

two fat monksFor the menu itself, Two Fat Monks provide its guests with tantalizing Asian-fusion menus, such as Vietnamese fresh prawn spring roll which—as the name implies, consists of fresh prawn and vegetables wrapped in thin rice paper and served with Vietnamese signature sauce. Then, noodle lovers should check out their black pepper Hokkian noodle beef; a huge bowl of Hokkianese thick noodle served with huge slabs of black pepper beef and tasty broth, which gives out a fresh sensation in each bites.

two fat monks 2Then, for the meat enthusiast, stir-fried crispy pork belly is not to be missed; a portion of crunchy goodness served along white rice, poached egg and Chinese style stir-fried vegetable.

Jl. Letda Tantular No.7,
Dangin Puri Klod, Denpasar
Tel. +62 899 2816 395

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