“Embark on a glorious journey of flavor at Hard Rock Cafe Bali. On June, the legendary cafe brings out the best of their staple menu through World Burger Tour Program.”

Burger has been one of the most sought out menu of Hard Rock Cafe since it first established in London over four decades ago. Now, to relish the glorious era, the legendary brand commence a meticulous World Burger Tour program, re-introducing their classic favorites in the best way possible.

hrcThroughout June and July, Hard Rock Cafe Bali get the chance to serve Local Legendary™ Burgers menu from three continents. One fine example comes in form of Hollywood burger; hailing from Los Angeles, United States, this burger is a great mix of Certified Angus Beef patty topped with Brie cheese, caramelized shallots and garlic aioli, for a memorable ‘Americana’ taste.

hrc 2Then another recommended one is Schnitzel burger from Cologne, Germany; composed by two stacks of tender pork schnitzel lightly breaded and made crispy, topped with crunchy sauerkraut, brown mustard and savory bacon it is a heavenly meat-based combination worth trying. If you crave for spicy treat, Tandoori Chicken Burger from Mumbai, India is a must try; Dark meat chicken patty seasoned with aromatic spices and fresh herbs, topped with mint mayonnaise and served with a side of cucumber is a perfect choice to fondle your taste bud.

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