night roosterLocated on the second floor compound on the side of charming Dewi Sita Street Ubud, Night Rooster is Locavore’s new bar offering an enchanting setting of recycled wood, in the airy yet intimate 40-seat space.

night rooster 2Night Rooster serves quality cocktail made by talented young Balinese mixologists, who deliberately plays with fine liquors and natural resources to create a fine drink to accompany your chill out session in the heart of Ubud. Some of the most recommended drinks here such as ‘pigshare’; a mixture of tree-ripened mangos, passion fruit, mango blossom raw honey mixed with spices, rum, spices and house made ginger beer served in a tiki glass. This drink emanates a sweet, sour flavor mix of fresh fruits and quality liquor. Then ‘almost there’ is another must-try one; consisting of tamarillo, kemangi leaves, raw honey bourbon, rum and mint leaves, creating a fresh blends of kemangi flavour and other sensational quixotic taste.


Jl. Dewisita No.1,
Ubud, Kabupaten Gianyar

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