“Tucked away in the dense forest of Senaru village, Sindang Gila is an alluring two-story waterfall with fascinating background.”

shutterstock_232498342_Sindang-Gila-Waterfalls,-LombokJust as Bali, Lombok is also blessed with abundance of natural wonders. One of them you should visit is Sindang Gila waterfall. Located just south of Senaru village at the area of Mount Rinjani National Park, it is actually a part of twin waterfalls along with Tiu Kelep.

The locals believe that the water flowing through these two waterfalls can enhance the skin of those who bathe themselves in it and make them look considerably younger.

Legend said that this area once used by the nymphs to bath themselves whenever they descend down from heaven. Whether it true or false, there is no hurt to plunge and refresh yourself in the crystal clear water beneath this waterfall and gain benefit from its natural enchantment. More believable version said that this waterfall was found by a brave man while he was chasing a mad lion after it ransacking a nearby village, thus where the name ‘Sindang Gila’ derived from.

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