Seclusively located in Senggigi, Nipah is a serene shoreline known as a culinary destination, with lines of traditional restaurants offering local fishermen finest catch-of-the-day. It bears resemblance to Bali’s Jimbaran beach seafood district, but smaller in scale, and of course, cheaper in comparison with the same level of freshness.

senggigi-2As you arrive, you can choose at available fresh fish and other ocean gliders from squid to jellyfish. If you’re lucky, you may find one of the most sought out fish is called ‘napoleon’-easily distinguishable by its large orange scale with bluish spot. This fish is special because it is hard to catch by rods and strings, and require a manual harpooning skill to get one. Grilled to perfection with succulent spices, the fish can feed up to 4 people and superbly delicious, tender and ‘melt-in-your-mouth’.senggigi

It is best enjoyed with a plate of hot white rice and spicy grilled eggplant as a complimentary side dish. At Nipah, you savor your meal in traditional way, sitting on bamboo pavilion on top of soft white-sand with a million-dollar view of pristine ocean sight to compliment your satisfying dining moment.

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