pregoPrego is a Westin concept restaurant that cater to the enjoyment of entire family. This lively eatery is the perfect place to bring your loved one for a delicious meal of authentic Italian cuisine. The restaurant interior boasts an inviting space that entices the senses with a colorful décor and the aroma of food being cooked in an open-concept kitchen.0

prego 2Special on Sunday, come and feast upon the restaurant’s FunDay Family Brunch program, where guest can savor meticulous Italian dishes and do several memorable outdoor activities with their loved one. Appetites are satisfied with a delicious menu of authentic cuisine prepared by a friendly team in an openconcept kitchen; from BBQ specialties, classic pasta dishes, homemade pizzas, unique prosecco risotto from parmesan wheel, to refreshing gelatos. An outdoor play area provides ample space for supervised games to keep young ones occupied for hours. Create your own menus by joining the restaurant’s SuperChef program where you can build
your own pizza, cupcake decoration and many other delicious dishes. Last but definitely not least, say hello to Pippo the Squirrel-Prego’s furry mascot during the brunch and take photos together to cherish his one-time appearance. Guest can also swim at the resort Premium swimming pool with their little ones after brunch.

The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, Bali
Kawasan Pariwisata Nusa Dua,
BTD C Lot N-3. Nusa Dua
Tel. +62 361 771 906

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