Recently opened their Bali branch in Dewi Sri Road, Pandora Experience Indonesia invites you to test your senses to the limit through a thrilling activity session.

pandora experiencesThere are three selection of rooms at Pandora Experience Bali, each designed to bring realistic and unforgettable experience based on mysterious myths and legends all over the world; namely Area 51, The Legend of El Dorado and Alcatraz. Inside, you may encounter many surprises and challenging riddles to solve with your best buddies.

pandora experiences 2Enter the world of mystery and engaging adventure through Pandora Experience, an Ultimate Escape Game Adventure where players will enter each game room in a group of 2-10 people. Throughout the thrilling journey you and your buddies will encounter surprises, secret passages, hidden chambers and mindboggling puzzles. By working as a team, the objective is to escape the room by completing all of the tasks inside within 120 minutes.

pandora experiences 3Combining the latest technology as well as visual and sound effects, Pandora Experience will take the term of ‘entertainment activity’ to a whole new level.

Jl. Dewi Sri 45D, Kuta, Bali
Tel. +62 878 6225 1822

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