bubaqStarted over 3 years ago as ‘Echo Beach Cafe’, Bubaq emerges with the new concept of family-friendly restaurant with immaculate view of ocean beyond the shore, extended and renovated to create a quaint environs for those who wish to dine with serene tropical ambience.

bubaq 2The menus of Bubaq combine the best of BBQ and Asian dishes. For appetizer, a plate of gyoza is a good pick for light nibbles; Japanese traditional dumplings filled with ground meat, vegetables and wrapped in a thin dough, comes with a tasty dip sauce on side. Then vegetable lover should taste their guicon salad, made of fresh vegetables, glass noodle, and tasty pork belly on top, savored with Vietnamese sweet-and-sour sauce. For the main menu, Bubaq pork rib is not to be missed. A succulent, tender, juicy and mouth-watering, generous portion of grilled pork ribs with special ‘secret’ BBQ sauce, served along potato salad, as a perfect treat for lunch or dinner for meat lover and food enthusiast alike.

Jalan Batu Mejan,
Canggu, Kuta Utara
Tel. +62 819 9963 0393

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