gofreshSeated on a corner of Petitenget Street, Gofresh.Life is an eatery which delivers a healthy lifestyle concept, deliberately inspiring the youth generation on healthy dining culture. The 2016-established cafe offers freshness of food  without any chemical preservatives. The dining space interior is dominated by bright white and green color, easy on the eye, with murals of fruit and vegetables decorating its walls.

gofresh 2One of must-try menu at Gofresh.Life is blueberry muffin cup; a portion of sweet and sour smoothies made by a combination of blueberry, banana, almond milk, coconut yoghurt, oat and lime zest, served chill and fresh. Then, for another take of cooler dish, try super bowl tropical mango pineapple; a bowl of frozen veggie consisting of fruit chops on top of cold sorbet. If you seek for more ‘complete’ take of lunch or dinner menu, then look no further than sweet beef wrap; beef, blue cheese, apple, salad, onion and orange dressing wrapped in enormous tortilla bread, presenting a delicious blend of sour-sweet goodness combined with tender and tasty beef meat. This dish generously comes with tortilla chips on side.

Jl. Petitenget,
Kerobokan Kelod
Tel. +62 361 473 5580

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