ayam pelalahOriginally came from Bali, ayam pelalah or spicy bruised chicken has become one of Lombok’s staple traditional dishes. Slightly different from its heritage counterparts, Lombok’s ayam pelalah is served in a plate, dipped in liquid peanut sauce with half-sliced green lime as a compliment. This dish is best enjoyed with a plate of hot white rice or lontong compressed rice that is then cut into small cake-like shape.

The history of ayam pelalah expansion to Lombok begins on the era of war between Selaparang Kingdom of Lombok with Karangasem kingdom of Bali. Selaparang then seeks aid from Taliwang Kingdom of Sumbawa as a third party to persuade and negotiate with Karangasem Kingdom so the war didn’t break out further and cause more casualties than it is. Taliwang brings with them some of their best chef to handle the logistics, stationed at Karang Taliwang region. As time passed, the Taliwang chef blends with local Sasak tribe and create a new menu which consists a combination of both island’s flavor. The new spicy, rich flavored ayam pelalah chicken dish emerged and become one of the most favorite meals for soldiers, citizens and kings alike, and at later time, transformed into Lombok’s ayam taliwang.

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