Located in a small alleyway at Lombok’s capital city of Mataram, gemini pork satay remains one of the island’s best kept secrets. It is neither a restaurant nor cafe, yet never ceases to attract visitors to come and taste their pork-induced goodness.

geminiAs the name implied, there are only few varieties of menu at Gemini pork satay; namely the titular pork-ona- stick skewer and ‘babi kecap’ or Indonesian braised pork with sweet sauce. They somehow manage to get the taste just right; succulent, juicy and mouth wateringly good. The satay is a bit spicy, mind you, but if you can handle it, you’ll be treated by one of the best flavored processed pork ever.

gemini-2Gemini pork satay gets its name from the location, right behind the now-closed Gemini Cinema. It was established by Chinese-Indonesian about 8 decades ago, and they have been so consistent in both presentation and method. Don’t expect it to become a fancy restaurant anytime soon, but the taste is very delicious. It’s a must-try!

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