“Located on a quiet side of Blanjong village, Sanur, Pura Blanjong is an archeological site where an important inscription of honorable Balinese King was discovered.”

blanjongIn the old ages of kings and kingdom, Bali is one of those islands with rich historical background, reverting to some of the most honorable rulers in the country in their pilgrimage of exploration and discovery. Pura Blanjong is a sacred temple linked to one of Bali’s most glorious ruler; Sri Kesari Warmadewa.

pura blanjong 2Built around the 16th century, Pura Blanjong was built as a monument to honor Sri Kesari Warmadewa and his journey to the East. The king is said to be the descendant of legendary Syailendra dynasty which rules over Java and responsible for world renowned architectural wonder called Borobudur temple. According to the inscription dated 914 A.D. found inside Pura Blanjong, Sri Kesari was a Buddhist apostle who soon established a Mahayana convent at Blanjong village. This inscription also wrote some of the oldest history of Bali Island.

pura blanjong 3Instead of common brick material, Pura Blanjong was constructed with coral as its main component, thus makes it slightly distinctive from other ancient temples in Bali. The Ganesha statue founded in the center area shows obviously which deities are being worshipped in this wonderful sanctuary.

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