RAMBIGA 2Named after a village in Mataram area, sate rembiga is one of Lombok’s underrated traditional dishes worth mentioning not only for its delish taste, but also for rarity. It is said even in Lombok; visitors who wish to taste he authentic sate rembiga have to visit the village itself.

RAMBIGABasically, sate rembiga is a form of beef skewer, but what makes it differ than the common one is the delicate cooking process. First, the beef has to be cut to precise small pieces, then immediately marinated in spiced water or 3 hours to let the spices thoroughly absorbed before the meat is pinned to a stick and grilled. The main ingredients of sate rembiga are beef, spices and grated young coconut mashed together and marinated. This mix is then wrapped into the skewers and then grilled or fried. Thin slices of lime leaf added in the process, giving it a distinctive, pleasant fragrance. Sate rembiga is best enjoyed hot with a plate of white rice. The complex cooking method pays off in both its taste and textures, as the spices blend perfectly with the beef meat, creating a satisfying portion of Lombok’s very own traditional goodness.

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