“Nestled on a quiet side of Petitenget, Sangsaka restaurant is a quaint eatery serving fine-dine quality of food in elegant rustic meets classic interior setup.”

The Traveler August 2016_REV.inddThe term ‘Sang Saka’ is actually in conjunction with Indonesian flag, usually said or written to describe the divinity of its red and white colours. This makes the venue’s identity as a part of the already-established Merah Putih Restaurant. Similar to its grand sibling, Sangsaka offers extensive selection of Indonesian-inspired dishes with modern twist and fancy presentation, all whilst offering the same feel-good dining ambience in their chic-yet captivating establishment.

sangsaka 4One of the unique factors of Sangsaka is their menu names, which only consist of one or two words top, taken from the main ingredient of the dish. For example, try ‘udang’ as your appetizer; a portion of freshwater crayfish served along with sweet potato and tasty homemade dip. Then move to jamur; Sangsaka’s brilliant take of vegetarian meal consisting of mushroom, hen’s egg and corn rice. For the main menu, kakap is a must try for seafood lovers; grilled barramundi fillet, school prawn and sauce made from Balinese traditional ‘jukut undis’, this one is an absolute charmer to satisfy your dining session.

Jl. Pangkung Sari No.100, Kerobokan
Tel. +62 812 3695 9895

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