Offering a convenient open-air concept, Ling-Ling Bali Restaurant & Bar is up and ready to be a fine addition to Petitenget festive culinary scene. The name ‘Ling-Ling’ referred to a fictional character created by the restaurant, which represents the root of their Asian concepts, with murals drawn in manga comic styles on its walls enhancing the venue’s playful and light-hearted ambience.

ling-lingLing-Ling Bali Restaurant & Bar serves arrays of Korean, Japanese and Chinese-inspired menus with Western-European touch. For a starter, you can order eggplant schnitzel; a portion of deep-fried eggplant wrapped in soft bread to engage your appetite with crispy, meticulous taste. Then for vegetable lovers, you must order Ling’s garden; a bowl full of fresh vegetable combos made of avocado, coleslaw, red lettuce, shroom, carrot, and sprinkled with crunched nuts. To wrap it up with light-bite treat, sweet potato donut can be a great pick. Consisting cinnamon-glazed potato donut, served in kebab style for a mild-sweet tender taste of baked goodness.

ling-ling 2If you look for drink to share with friends, order Ling-Ling’s watermelon jugs; which, as the name implies, is a large portion of vodka-based watermelon mix cocktail served in the fruit’s fresh rind.


Jl. Petitenget No.43, Kerobokan Kelod, Kuta Utara
Tel. +62 819 1641 7867

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