happy chappySince it first opened the door back in 2015, Happy Chappy has become somewhat a staple Chinese restaurant in Seminyak hosting plentiful visitors each day who come not only because of the hype, but also the taste. The interior reminds a lot of Chinese industrial era, where they began to open for Western influence dominated by red color with golden tints, creating gorgeous rich details to dine with style.

happy chappy 2Being a ‘global Chinese cuisine’ restaurant, Happy Chappy gladly serves plethora of oriental menus; from the most vintage to gracefully modern presentation. Try some of their dim sum goodness; such as the classic xiao long bao or prawn har gao, which perfectly cooked to ensure the authentic flavor, or the fusion one such as wasabi-infused har gao with signature biting sensation of Japanese wasabi chili. For the main menu, one definitely can’t miss their peking duck; the ultimate classic dish hailing from Beijing which has been served since the Imperial era. Unique aspect of this menu is you create your own from the ‘ingredients’ available on the table. Take the crispy brown duck skin and meat, combine it with spring onion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce in pancake dough, add some hoisin sauce, roll around the fillings and savor the succulent flavor.

Jalan Braban No. 62, Banjar Taman,
Seminyak, Kerobokan Kelod
Tel. +62 361 474 1960

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