DUSTYLocated at the heart of Seminyak, Dusty Cafe is a two-level eatery to cater the needs of every hungry traveler with elegant poise. The interior is made of half vintage and half industrial architectural composition with framed  pictures of ‘Burning Man’ Festival hanging on its stonewall. The wall looks ‘dusty’ with grey color and bricks; hence the name of the cafe came from.

DUSTY 2The room also completed with wooden tables and purple touch in its furniture. The menus of Dusty Cafe are dominated by French cuisine with Italian and American influence. For a starter, party belt can be a fine choice; toasted sourdough bread served with homemade pesto sauce on top, tomato, shallot, avocado, balsamic reduction sauce and feta cheese. Then for the main menu, art car is a delightful portion of burger consisting of  uicy beef, emmental cheese slice, caramelized onion, fresh tomato salad with French Fries and homemade mayo dip on side. For dessert, mango cheesecake is a perfect treat for sweet tooth. Creamy cheesecake with sour  nd sweet mango sauce will act as a satisfying wrapper for your dining time. Try also their espresso martini for a refreshing taste of coffee liquor and vodka concoction.

Jalan Camplung Tanduk
No. 4, Seminyak
Tel. +62 821 4645 2051

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