” As a photographer, Adi Wiratmo is no stranger to award and acknowledgement. The Sumbawa-born lads use his vibrant imagination to capture raw, captivating images for the viewers.”

adiBeing in the industry professionally for over 12 years, Adi knew what he wanted to become, and strived himself to make his dream come true. For him, photograph represents art itself in the fullest. He didn’t waste much time tinkering pictures in editing process, instead rallying on his refined skill of capturing the raw image.

adi 3Let’s take a look of the photo which grants him the first place at Tropical Life Photo Contest, for example. Not only did Adi successfully capture the majestic atmosphere of Bromo crater, but also framed it so well it looks like a painted brush palette instead of real-time taken scenery. The composition and tone speak for itself, creating a memorable, stunning imagery in its stillness.

adi 2Putting creativity and totality in front of his every works, Adi Wiratmo aims to deliver the captured image to his viewer’s heart and mind. He wishes to have his own photos published in form of a book, and judging by his passion and skill, it wouldn’t take long before he fulfills that glorious dream.

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