Hangover Lounge is the first and only medical facility in Bali dedicated to administering vitamin therapy for hangovers and also health and fitness.

HANGOVERMost of us lead busy, fast paced lives full of responsibilities, deadlines, and poor diet choices every single day. There are many studies that show most people today are vitamin and antioxidant deficient leading to fatigue, illness, poor mood, and unhealthy weight gain. Hangover Lounge gives an effective solution for those looking to maintain their condition in a fun and effective way.

HANGOVER 2Introducing IV vitamin therapy treatments, Hangover Lounge allows their ‘patients’ to go beyond the minimum requirements and reach maximum vitality.  The vitamin infusions can treat many things including: Jet lag, fatigue, depression, common cold or flu and can even promote weight loss. The treatment center also provides a range of anti-aging vitamins to keep you looking beautiful, young and fresh.

HANGOVER 3The revolutionary new  treatment involves placing a small IV in the arm to give necessary fluids and vitamins to help you stay rejuvenated in continuing your activity. If you are too busy to drop by at their cozy clinic, Hangover Lounge provides  ‘house call’ service where you can enjoy the treatment at your home.

Jl. Majapahit No.63, Kuta
Tel. +62 361 475 2405

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