lombokOne of the preserved wonders of Lombok, Sade village is home to indigenous Sasak tribes, which still get deeply rooted in fascinating culture and tradition. As one of the few villages who refused to cope with modernization, Sade stays true to their culture, down to the form of their structures. The village actually functions as a tourism destination and caters hundreds of visitors every day.

lombok-3Accompanied by a local guide, you can walk around and observe the village inhabitants as they do their everyday life that stay pretty much the same since its ancient era. The Sasak tribes has some fascinating tradition, which they still do, such as in marriage where the bride-to-be has to be kidnapped by her groom so they can be approved to get married by the family, or how the villagers occasionally clean their floor with cow dung to maintain the temperature inside their house. There are a lot to learn in the Sasak Tribe village of Sade. They also sell traditional handicraft with really affordable price, from wooden / pearl accessories to the island’s legendary ‘ikat’ weaving textiles.


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