seasideOccupying a space on the side of majestic Echo Beach Canggu with direct access to the shore and scenic ocean vista, Cabe Bali Cafe definitely gives more than you bargain for. The eatery itself is a quaint open-air venue, welcoming the guests to embrace both local delicacy and tropical ambience in authenticity. As for the menu, Cabe Cafe is specialized in the local goodness. For an opening,order a plateful of ‘gado-gado’, a portion of Indonesian vegetable mix peanut sauce we all know and love, complete with the crispy crackers. Then, for the main menu you should try their nasi campur; an enormous take of white rice with portions of dishes, Indonesian style. Here, they provide not two, not four, but eight Balinese traditional dishes; ranging from pepes & tum (banana leaf-wrapped steamed minced meat), sate lilit, babi kecap (braised pork with soy sauce), urap vegetables and sapi bumbu Bali (beef with Balinese seasoning), to surely cater your hunger.

seaside 2For a trusty dessert, order sweet traditional platter consisting of fruit kebab, fried banana and dadar gulung (sweet coconut pancake roll); a fine wrapper to close your pleasant dine in style. Meticulous menus aside, Cabe Bali Cafe also provides special cooking class program for those who wish to gain first hand experience of making authentic Balinese menus, and also special BBQ package every night for a glorious seaside feast.

Canggu, Kuta Utara,
Tel. +62 851 015 33626














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