nasi puyungThe word ‘Lombok’ in bahasa actually means chili, so if you love spicy food, the island surely has a lot of selections to cater your need. One of them rarely known by visitors is nasi puyung; a complete plate of rice with dishes  on the side consisting of minced chicken, grated coconut, and a special sambal (chili sauce).

At first glance, nasi puyung looks like a portion of common ‘nasi campur’ easily found all across Indonesia, but upon tasting, you will find that this one is different. The level of spiciness is quite high, but still edible. The secret  lies within the sambal, which is made only from the finest Lombok chili. The word ‘puyung’ was derived from the village in which the dish is originated from.

Nowadays, nasi puyung can be found all across Lombok, especially the western and center side, in the city of Mataram. If you want to give this one a try, best place to start is Nasi Balap Puyung Inaq Esun; a small and modest eatery located right in front of Hotel Grand Legi, Sriwijaya street, Mataram, which is claimed to be amongst the few to really preserve the authentic taste of nasi puyung by retrieving their ingredients straight from Puyung Village every morning.

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