Located at the rural area of Gianyar, Pura Dalem Pingit Sebatu is a sacred temple often visited by people to purify their soul from evil spirit.

sebatuBali is an island filled with wonders and fascinating places. Pura Dalem Pingit Sebatu is one of the spiritual destinations worth visiting not only for its secluded location surrounded by serene nature, but it also believed to be a place where one can cleanse their mind and soul by bathing in its natural spring.

sebatu-2Not only local Balinese, but also foreigners begin flocking into Pura Dalem Pingit Sebatu to experience the sacred spring, which is said to able to change colors depending on the spiritual condition of those who bathe in it.

sebatu-3To reach the spring inside the temple vicinity, one must descend down through hundred step of stairs, with several rules to follow, such as taking off all kinds of accessories and wearing Balinese ‘kamen’ cloth before bathing under the flow of tiny waterfall.


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