PAT BINGSituated at Samasta Lifestyle Village, Pat Bing Soo is one of the most anticipated restaurant brands serving South Korean cuisine, mainly comfort food and refreshing desserts. The interior is composed by a simple open-air setting mainly on the second floor; with the first floor only consist of one table with a TV broadcasting catchy K-Pop music to accompany your dining session.

PAT BINGJust as the name implies, Pat Bing Soo serves a collection of ‘bingsoo’—a popular sweet dessert in South Korea especially in summer season. It is basically a bowl filled with shaved snow ice, topped with condensed milk, ice cream and various fruits or sweets. There are arrays of colourful bingsoo to try and all come in enormous portion, so you may share it with your best buddies. Patbingsoo also serves other kinds of comfort food; such as  cheese tteokbokki; South Korean street food dish made from soft rice cake called ‘ttok’, fish cake, and sweet  red chilli sauce called gochujang. The tender texture of rice cake mixed so well with melted cheese and gochujang  sauce, sweet, sour and spicy, really perfect to be savored with a portion of chilling-cold bingsoo.

Samasta Lifestyle Village
Jl. Wanagiri, Jimbaran
Tel +62 361 446 8600

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