rujak tahuAlthough could be found all across Indonesia, Lombok’s rujak tahu dish is special because it uses two of the most famous ingredients only found at the island; the tofu and terasi (shrimp paste). Lombok tofu placed itself on the hall of fame and considered as a rare delicacy for its texture and taste, which could be categorized as one of the best tofu across Indonesian archipelago.

Lombok’s rujak tahu consisting of fried tofu served along with tasty dip sauce made by using the island’s terasi shrimp paste. If you haven’t taste it beforehand, this dish is perfect for your gourmet experience. Dip the fried tofu on rujak sauce and enjoy the combination of tender, succulent tofu with a hint of salt, mixed with sweet and rich combination of soy sauce and Lombok shrimp paste. The dish might look too simple, but it actually contain two staple ingredients of Lombok hardly find in any other places outside of the island.

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