Seated on the base of Golden Tulip Jineng, Dhanya Restaurant is a comfortable venue serving variety of dishes to cater the needs of domestic and international guests with utmost delicacy.

golden-tulipAs one of Golden Tulip Jineng culinary unit, Dhanya is an all-day dining venue with timeless interior design combining Balinese philosophy and contemporary elements. For a starter, try their gado-gado; Indonesian assorted salad consisting of fried tempeh (fermented soybean), tofu, potato, and fresh green vegetables served with peanut sauce. The thick flavor of the sauce combines well the fresh vegetables creating a tasty, authentic and unpretentious dish, especially for vegetarians. Then comes sop buntut; a portion of oxtail soup which mild yet rich in ingredients. The soup comes separately in a teapot so you can pour and enjoy as you like with a bowl of hot white rice. The highlight of the menu comes in form of bebek Jineng; signature dish at its finest comprising of juicy and tender fried duck served with plecing side veggies and white rice. The delicious duck meat falls right off the bone, best savored with one of three homemade ‘sambal’ spicy sauces. To accompany the meals, orange frapuccino can be your best bet; a tasty drink made from the combination of delightful creamy capuccino and fresh orange peels to complete your sumptuous dining session.

Jalan Sunset Road No. 98,
Kuta, Badung
+62 361 472 7488

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