“Inspired by the beauty of Uluwatu coast, Black Ship Jimbaran offers a unique concept to experience magnificent sunset view in the middle of vast ocean blue.”

black shipWhile traveling to a popular vacation destination, you can easily become overwhelmed – or indecisive – by all the activities to choose from. There are certain things to do while enjoying your holiday moment in Bali; relaxing and enjoy sunset is one thing that you should never miss out, especially when you visit Kelan Beach.

black ship 2Black Ship was born to introduce the pristine beauty of Kelan Beach and Uluwatu coast in form of a sailing tour package during the sunset on traditional Balinese fishing boat, called Jukung-6 in total, all painted in black and each completed with standardized facility and safety equipment to ensure the comfort and safety of every passenger. This program will take you at the front seat to gaze upon the beautiful tranquility of the sea and the best sunset experience.

black ship 3There are two main program offered by Black Ship Jimbaran; Single & Mingle and Group, each include 3 hours of sunset cruise (4pm until 7pm) through every spot with fantastic view off the Jimbaran coast, while enjoying on-boat entertainment, such as music and complimentary drinks, followed by seafood dinner by the shore after the tour.

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