savageSeated at the heart of Canggu Plaza, Savage Kitchen is an exquisite eatery promoting conscious eating with range of healthy menus made from sustainable and free-range farm-based ingredients. Despite the name, there is nothing ‘uncivilized’ about Savage Kitchen. In fact, the restaurant promote a healthy dining experience with food made from fine local organic source and free-range farm, with high standard cooking process and unrefined, natural flavoring.

savage 2The menus of Savage Kitchen consists of Australian cuisine with Asian twist, and as mentioned above, all made as organic and clean as possible. For a starter, roasted pumpkin coconut is a recommended treat; slices of pumpkin, roasted to perfection with grated coconut on top, tasty with a hint of natural sweet. Then salmon & sweet potato rosti is a must-try for seafood lover; a healthy blend of sea goodness with melting poached egg; both crispy and creamy at the same time. For those who prefer to create their own combination of meal, Savage creation is a definite pick, a grand pick-your-own portion of dish that you can choose as pleased; from meat, vegetables to tasty condiments.


Plaza Club, Jalan Raya Pantai
Berawa, Canggu
Tel. +62 819 1641 4541

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