“Surrounded by vast paddy field at Kerobokan countryside, Bali Green Life invites their guests to enjoy healthy dine-and-lifestyle whilst immensely enjoying the immaculate natural ambience.”

bali green lifeBeautifully done with ‘healthy’ in mind, Bali Green Life is a holistic center precisely built to cater their guest with comfort and grace. The cafe’s architecture is made from sustainable materials such as bamboos and straws, conveniently constructed to blend perfectly with its natural surroundings, as well as preserving it from unnecessary damage. Upon entering, the guest will be greeted by two signpost; ‘spiritual’ which leads to a meditation area, and ‘physical’, leading towards the cafe. Bali Green Life cafe provides organic menus which mainly consisted by vegetarian with ayurvedic slant, macrobiotic to arrays of vegan dishes.

bali green life 2For a starter, you can order pumpkin soup; a portion of tasty pumpkin broth with an addition of garlic, coconut cream and soft bread on the middle. Then, Middle East mezze set is one of the favorite menus to try, consisting of pita bread with several kinds of exotic condiments; from taboule, homous, baba gamoush and tzatuki, which you can enjoy by dipping it into the folded bread. You can also order some of the cafe’s beverages delight, such as tropical fruit parfait and refreshing smoothies to accompany your healthy dine.

Jl. Raya Kedampang, Kerobokan.
Tel. +62 81 314 307 520

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