taliwang-2As one of the most famous aspect of Lombok, ayam taliwang is a delicate indigenous treat, especially for spicy lovers. Lesehan Taliwang ‘Irama’ perfectly mastered the authentic way to cook the dish, and it came out extraordinarily delicious. The chicken meat is tender and fresh, absorbing the spices really well, representing the best rendition of Lombok finest traditional cuisine.

taliwangBegin as a small stall at Mataram, around 20 years ago, nowadays, Taliwang ‘Irama’ owns two restaurants called ‘Irama 1’ and ‘Irama 3’ which serve hundreds of customers daily while keeping their original establishment opens-fully booked in daily basis. The restaurant also serves several kinds of delicious menus, such as ikan gurame bakar madu (grilled honey-glazed gouramy fish),soup bebalung (ox ribs soup), to refreshing signature drinks made from coconut, syrup and madu kristal-fermented mix of honey and swift nest.

Jl. Ade Irma Suryani, Karang Taliwang, Cakranegara, Mataram
Tel. +62 370 623163

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