Situated on the pristine beachside overlooking the vast ocean of Lombok, Meru Restaurant offers an obsolete tranquility with complete range of fine dishes. As the The Chandi Boutique Resort & Spa culinary division, Meru Restaurant provide an enhanced dining experience which defines the perfect ‘dine-by-the-beach’ atmosphere. The restaurant interior consist vibrant choices of red, green and blue-tinted color on naturefriendly
wooden-based interior.

chandi boutiqueThe menus at Meru Restaurant is best described as an ‘all-round Midwest cuisine’, with selections come mainly from Mediterranean, Western to Indonesian dishes. For seafood lover, try their seafood basket Lombok; assorted selections of sea-produced goodness from shrimp, fish, squid, served along coriander rice and three selection of Indonesian sambal chili sauce as trusty condiments. Then, if you wish for an authentic Medditeranian taste, Meru’s lamb chop is a recommended take; succulent, tasty and tender, it comes with a portion of assorted spinach, polenta and glazed with mushroom black pepper sauce. To wrap your dinner, order a portion of apple strudel; combination of cinnamon and apple wrapped with crepe pastry skin for a sweet, crunchy, hot meet cold treat.

chandi 2To accompany the meal, you could order a glass or two of the restaurant’s refreshing signature cocktails, such as the soothing bittersweet taste of espresso martini or fruitinduced mocktail fruit punch.

The Chandi Boutique Resort & Spa
Jl. Senggigi, Batu Layar
Tel. +62 370 692 198

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