gulasLombok offers limitless possibility in term of tourism and culinary destination, with plenty selection of convenient eateries serving quality food, even one that comes from far-fetched country. At Kuta Beach area, Southern Lombok, Gulas Garden is one of those possibilities. The open-air style restaurant consisted of traditional ‘bale’ pavilions set within lush garden to offers comforting environment of tropical ambience.

gulas-2Gulas Garden serves European, Indonesian and particularly Hungarian traditional dishes. ‘Gulas’ is actually taken from the name of Hungarian dish ‘gulyas’ which they also serve as their main course. Consisting of beef dish served with flour dumpling, gulyas is a perfect lunch treat to enjoy with family. The tasty beef ‘soup’ blends just perfect with chewy small dumplings, and is satisfying for stomach and taste bud alike. Another menu worth trying here is king prawn; a huge portion of king prawns, grilled to perfection, served with complementary green salad and French fries. Then for a sweet closure, order their homemade chocolate brownie, which combines warm chocolate fudge with cool and creamy vanilla ice cream.

Jl. Pantai Kuta,
Tel. +62 8776 538 357

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