uvjfThe 2017 Ubud Village Jazz Festival (UVJF) which took place at the ARMA Museum Garden for two days on August 11 and 12 once again reinforces its status as Bali’s foremost jazz festival, and one of the best in Southeast Asia, thanks to a stellar line-up of musicians from around the globe; from four-time GRAMMY® nominated pianist/composer, Gerald Clayton, who showcased his skills along with Joe Sanders and Gregory Hutchinson, Hamburg trumpeter Benny Brown, Austrian dynamic duo B. Good Vogel, Australian Jazz units, to Glen Buschmann Jazz Academy Big Band from Dortmund, Germany comprises of 22 musicians, including two remarkable singers Dian Pratiwi and Sithara Schimaniak. Indonesia’s very own jazzers had their moments to shine on the occasion, from Balawan, Koko Harsoe, Tesla Manaf, to Bali’s Yuri Mahatma and Astrid Sulaiman. Food and Beverages posted excellent figures, thanks to all the vendors for delivering top-notch quality services day after day.

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