sambal matahThere are many reasons to visit Sambal Matah restaurant. The quaint eatery tucked nicely on the side of Ubud’s vibrant street offers many choices of Asian and international goodness. Located along the stretch of restaurants on Goutama Street, Ubud, finding Sambal Matah is a relatively easy feat. Just look out for a wooden signboard with ‘Sambal Matah’ written on it along with a charcoal-drawn lady’s face on the walls.

sambal matah 2Polished cement floors and walls, designer lights, wooden furnishings and art installations composed the restaurant’s sleek interior. For afternoon coffee, you can choose the veranda seating area overlooking the street. The menu of Sambal Matah boasts a blend of popular Asian dishes and world-famous favourites; Lebanese falafel with vegetable salad in a tortilla wrap, Indonesian martabak layered with grilled vegetables and feta, Japanese fried rice topped with katsuobushi(shaved smoked dried fish), Spanish potato croquette stuffed with pulled pork. The octopus salad is one of a kind; sweet-and-tangy balsamic reduction sauce coating the crisp salad leaves and smoky octopus slices, finished with crunchy almond slices and – of course – the titular sambal matah; one of Balinese most popular side dish consisting of chopped shallot, chilli and lemongrass relish.


Sambal Matah
Goutama Street No.5 Ubud
T : (0361) 972577
E : sambalmatahbali@gmail.com

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